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Terms of use elevator

Before you tell about the rules for safe use of elevators, you need to know what the elevator consists of.

shema liftaThe main constructive of elevators.

All elevators consist of an elevator car, which moves in an elevator shaft along guides. In the engine room, which is usually located on the top floor. It contains:

  • control station;
  • a winch that moves the elevator up and down with cables;
  • safety devices with speed limiter.

The elevator shaft contains: guides for movement of the elevator car, the elevator itself, cable system and counterweights, electrical wiring cables. At the lower level is a pit in which the elevator security system devices are located. These are usually buffers: one for cushioning and an emergency stop for the cabin, and the other for counterweights.

Security system in modern elevators

All elevators today are equipped with everything that is necessary for the convenience and safety of passengers:

  • video cameras outside and inside the elevator car;
  • fire alarm;
  • call button dispatcher with intercom.

How does the emergency elevator service system

You are in the elevator and revealed its malfunction. There are many options here, but in any case you need to call the dispatcher. To do this, press the call button (it looks like a bell or bellun). The signal will go to the elevator control station, and then to the dispatcher in the elevator emergency service.

The dispatcher receives the signal, responds to it and ascertains the cause of the malfunction, where the elevator is located (street, house, staircase, floor). If the elevator is equipped with a video camera, the dispatcher visually assesses the situation, gives passengers instructions on which button to press in order to fix the damage. If it is not possible to fix the fault on its own, it sends an emergency lift service team to the rescue.

Passengers do not panic and wait for the arrival of specialists. Do not attempt to leave the elevator on your own, the crew will come and release you.