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Maintenance of elevators. Call emergency service by QR-code

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The group of companies MITOL has been engaged in the maintenance of passenger and freight elevators since 1998. During our work, we use new equipment and new developments for dispatching elevators. In addition, computer dispatching systems: ASUD-248; "Ob"; KDK-M. We start applying QR-code to call the dispatcher.

If you are stuck in an elevator.

How before could you call the dispatcher?

1) Press the call button of the dispatcher on the elevator panel;
2) Call the dispatcher by phone;
3) Cries for help draw the attention of the residents of the entrance.

What can be applied now, in addition, to the above.

• Download QR-code and inform the dispatcher about the malfunction.

Now most of the inhabitants of Russia have smartphones or iPhones that can read QR codes. In order for your smartphone to be able to read any QR code, you need to download the application on PlayMarket for Android and the AppStore for iOS and install it. Now your smartphone will be able to read our QR code, which is in the elevator car and call the dispatcher.

In which cases this can come in handy and there will not be another opportunity to call the dispatcher.

All of you remember the hurricane in Moscow and the Moscow region, which was held recently. Many elevators just stopped, because of the power outage in the wake of the accident in the networks and to call the dispatcher through the usual button in the elevator was impossible. If there is a QR code, people can easily call the dispatcher, and he will send emergency crews to solve the problem.

Some may argue that mobile communication does not work in elevators, but this is misleading. The problems were about 5-6 years ago, and now all the elevator mines in Moscow and the Moscow region have a mobile connection.
After receiving the signal, the emergency service dispatcher, using the GPS navigation system, locates the nearest mobile repair team and sends it an application to solve the problem.

With the introduction of QR codes on all elevators, the automatic call processing system will work faster, mobile repair teams will arrive on time, and we will be able to remove many problems for residents of Moscow and the Moscow region.

MITOL Group of companies today serves more than 7 thousand elevators in Moscow and other cities of the Moscow region. Every year we manufacture lifts, put them into operation and take on maintenance more than 700 elevators.