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Installation of lifts. Vertical fireballs

Maintenance of elevators. Vertical fireballs.

In the last article, a month ago mitol spoke about the struggle for speed, that are between a large company, the scope of which - the manufacture and installation of lifts. We decided to continue the theme and make some sort of top fastest elevators planet.

Lift speed A mini

Please note that the top does not necessarily reflect the true state of affairs in the standings speed elevators (if it exists at all). So, describing the fastest elevator, we fully admit that some homegrown Otis Kulibin from the coast Misissipi already built in his bungalow elevator is a vertical prototype Formula 1 car. That is why we offer you just meet with the five very fast passenger elevators.

Another small disclaimer. As we have repeatedly written about the world's fastest elevator - lift the Chinese skyscraper "Taipei 101", created by the Japanese «Toshiba Elevator», to include it in this top will not.

So ...

Fifth place

Jin Mao Tower

According to some data in the skyscraper "Jin Mao Tower" made installation of elevators in the number 61. According to other information, the building is being lift maintenance, which is the total number of 130 units, including lifts, elevators used by emergency services and express elevators that lead in the basement.
Anyway, one thing is certain: passenger elevators in the "Jin Mao Tower" can accelerate to 9 meters per second, and go all the way from the ground to the top floor of the building in just 45 seconds.

Fourth place

John Hancock Center

John Hancock Center, located in Chicago, is known for its observation deck, which offers magnificent views of the Windy City. Climb to the platform is possible by 1632 stairs. And for those who do not like this kind of pilgrimage, are invited to ride on the elevator that whisk to the same area at a speed of 9.2 meters per second.
Only 38 seconds, take that elevator vertical path in the 344 meters. Installation of elevators in the building was carried out «Otis Elevator», which, despite the downright dislike of ostentatious high-speed elevators, and created these vertical race cars to order.

Third place

World Trade Center Beijing

Elevator 74-storey tower of the World Trade Center in Beijing in third place our makeshift top. A total of thirty-building elevators, two of which can lift up to 70 passengers floors.
After the 2009 construction of the World Trade Center was completed, the building was announced as one of the highest in China. Many noted (and do so to this day) that the Chinese building incredibly similar to the World Trade Center was destroyed in New York in 2001.
High-speed elevators WTC accelerated to 9, 2 kilometers per hour, and lift passengers up at the 70 floor, just 33 seconds.

Second place

Burj Khalifa

At a speed of 10 meters per second shuttle lifts the tallest skyscraper of the planet Earth, the pride of the United Arab Emirates 'Burj Khalifa'. The building has 57 lifts. Installation of lifts performed firm «Otis Elevator».
162 floors and 828 meters from the ground to the spire - that the parameters of the tallest building in the world. High-speed passenger elevators "Burj Khalifa" are unique in that they are two-storey. For «Otis Elevator» it was a special order with which the global giant managed to "excellent."
Many information sources, extolling the elevators "Burj Khalifa". Newspapers love to write that lifts vertical city, ostensibly, can deliver passengers directly under the roof, which offers wonderful views of Dubai (Whether this is the case, passengers would have a spire skyscraper under about 82 seconds). But the thing: in fact, goes to the roof is only one elevator - cargo giant. Two more lift, run to the penultimate floor. Both are intended exclusively for staff and elevator emergency services.

First place

Yokohama Landmark Tower

Fly up to 290 meters in less than 40 seconds, offers tourists a lift installed in the Japanese skyscraper "Tower, Yokohama landmark." Fly 70 floors at a speed of 12.5 meters per second, it would be a difficult challenge, whether the elevator open, or even just a panoramic. But, fortunately for passengers this car is equipped with a vertical pressure control system, high-strength cabin and, of course, at times enhanced, compared to standard lifts, security system. The last paragraph of the key role played by the same brake system, invented by Mr. Otis.

Of course, this is not one giant building elevator. And do not even ten, and a little more - 79. But only one of them fully comply with the description given above. He is considered the fastest elevator in Japan, and is designed to deliver passengers to the restaurant and viewing platform "Sky Garden", which offers a wonderful view of Yokohama, and under the earth, where fifty floors are restaurants, shops, kitchens peoples of the world and even medical clinic.