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Installation of lifts. Miracle lifts

Installation of lifts. Amazing and unbelievable.

Maintenance of elevators worldwide

Mitol continues to tell you about the installation of elevators in different countries. In this article, we will visit Austria, know well the service elevator in a skyscraper strange English and learn about the unusual creations Chinese master-craftsman.

Installation of elevators, as in Sun City

In one five-storey building in Beijing, was excellent passenger lift and lived a simple 70-year-old pensioner. Once he bothered to question save energy in the home and the good ideas decided that the inhabitants of the entrance would be nice to refuse the services of the lift. Savings in pure form not only electricity, but also in the maintenance of elevators and elevator emergency services. And to the population at home, most of whom are pensioners, not grumble, activist invented and designed another passenger elevator that does not require electricity consumption.

Lift chudo10

The invention of the pensioner is a metal chute, which permeates the spiral staircase, like screwing her. Descend on this makeshift passenger elevator reminds entertainment in the water park. Of course, such a move on the elevator can only be in one direction - down. The word "lift" can not always be used as a synonym for the word "lift" ...
- But how pants ?! - May you ask. - After going down on this passenger lift every day, risking literally left without them. Chinese inventor thought that, too. The descent is made on a mat on which passengers sit and before descent. Slip, by the way, is quite rapid, and the passenger fully feel it on your pardon, skin: five floors sweep in less than 20 seconds. However, tenants know-how had in mind.

I am not affirming that the idea of ​​construction of the lift it was derived from a children's product "Dunno in Sunny" city, but the similarity downright amazing. In the fairy tale about the Shorty was described in exactly the same design, only wound spiral chute around the stem of the flower. Even mats for sitting attended. In socialist China, by the way, a story by Nikolai Nosov very popular to this day.

Installation of lifts - funiculars

Lift chudo4

One of our articles was entirely devoted to automobile elevators. Uncounted many texts on the site mitol tell of passenger and freight elevators. But the lift, which we describe below - a real lift-wagon. First, it carries passengers, all at once, and then - their car. Thus, the lift immediately performs the function of the elevator and observation deck.
Elevator installation was performed on one of the mountain resorts of Austria. Such a system is called - funicular. This machine moves on rails, length 820 meters, and the height difference between the extreme points on the road is 431 meter. Speed ​​of movement of the lift is low, which, however, only on hand to passengers wishing to enjoy the beauty of nature Austrian.

Lift chudo5

The purpose of this lift is as follows. Bus full of passengers, approaching the steep hill. Passengers are moving out of the bus in a cable car and climb the mountain. Then the elevator descends, and its platform is entering the bus. After transport and passengers are at the top, the journey continues.
Incidentally, this lift is not only in Austria. In the Caucasus, to lift up the hill tourists using the same system, but a little smaller.

Installation of elevators in the building inside out

Lift chudo6

Lloyd building in London, in addition to the glory of the most famous in the world insurance market, has a reputation as one of the most unusual architectural structures of the world. Working on the project of the building, the architect Richard Rogers found an interesting course to bring all communications to the outside. Someone this futurism eventually like someone found it in bad taste, but to see live inside the building and remain indifferent stays invisible.

Lift chudo7

The building is really as if turned inside out. Electricity wires, tubes communications, and even passenger elevators were handed down for the exterior walls of the building and entwine like vines Lloyd. Panoramic elevators moving along the building on special rails.

Lift chudo8

It is believed that Richard Rogers, projecting inside the building, guided not so much an aesthetic component of the project as its practicality, most often in need of repair is communication. We must assume that this is not just appreciated the service performs maintenance of elevators and lifts the emergency services.

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