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Installation of lifts. Best of the Best!

Assembling from our partners

To assembling was successful in the first place, as it is "ironic", need good lifts. In this article we would like to acquaint readers with our partners in the market lifts, with firms that develop the most modern lifts. With the best companies that provide passenger and freight elevators, which are truly wonders of technology!

Assembling of Karacharovsky Mechanical Plant


The company produces mitol assembling production of "Karacharovsky Mechanical Plant" and is an official dealer. Perhaps you have never heard of this plant, but probably not again faced with passenger lifts production KMZ.
History Karacharovsky mechanical plant starts in the middle of the XX century, when it was created and engaged exclusively in metal structures for the construction of the main building of Moscow State University. KMZ has established itself so well that its products were used in the construction and decoration of Ostankino, the Kremlin Palace, the memorial on Poklonnaya Hill, "Luzhniki" and even the Tretyakov Gallery.

But calling KMZ was ordained in 1957, when its rolled off the first passenger elevator. And since Karacharovsky mechanical plant produced more than 230 thousand (!) Lifts all kinds of appointments and modifications. The 65th anniversary of the plant Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said that "today JSC" KMZ "is a leading supplier of lifts for Moscow!"

Company MiTOL makes installation and maintenance of elevators "Proton" - the latest development engineers Karacharovsky mechanical plant. Passenger elevators "Proton" meet international standards. Assembling "Proton" can be performed not only in office buildings, but also in shopping malls, hotels and, of course, homes.

Assembling of KLEEMANN

Partnery2aSince 1983, more than a hundred highly qualified engineers, planners and designers work every day at the offices of KLEEMANN on the development of new cutting-edge ski lifts and their components. Every day, these freight and passenger elevators come to lift the markets of almost all countries in Europe and Asia. In Russia, installation and maintenance of elevators KLEEMANN company produces MiTOL.

Taste and elegance - for the company KLEEMANN - not an empty phrase. Mixing classic style with futurism and modernity allow designers to create new companies are constantly elevator car, the kind that do not leave indifferent even the most rigorous aesthetic.
KLEEMANN tremendous experience in the creation of elevators, along with a lot of practice mitol in installation and maintenance of lifts - ensure that lifts will serve for decades, not puzzling lift emergency services.

Assembling Wellmaks

It is believed that the Russian market is swamped with an elevator foreign products, and domestic production lifts it rare visitors. However, if you dig deeper, it becomes clear that it is only an appearance.
Under the brand Wellmaks produced excellent elevators business class, which differ exquisite design and equipped with a reliable mechanism. They are made not on the Italian factories that it is possible to infer from the title, and the Serpukhov Elevator Plant.


Company mitol first year produces assembling brand Wellmaks and recommends these lifts as one of the best options in terms of price and quality. Lifts business class Wellmaks, having a plurality of design decisions, capacity up to thousands of pounds and the rate of up to 1.6 meters per second, to assemble in no way inferior to Western counterparts, but the win with an affordable price.

Installation of elevators Otis Elevator


Perhaps someone will say that this section of the article should be placed first. After Otis Elevator Company can rightfully be called the king of the elevator and called her partner - an honor for us mitol. However, despite the huge and well-deserved prestige in the global elevator market, modesty - one of the main features of the company's image. She got her literally inherited from the founding father, humble mechanic Elisha Otis.

Elisha Otis worked as a mechanic in a factory beds. Then he began to comprehend the science of rail brake device (an interesting hobby, is not it?), And finally invented something without which this is not done, no safe elevator in the world - an elevator brake. And then open the company Otis Elevator.

A few years later, when at the helm of Otis Elevator Company stood sons Elisha, the company's engineers have developed an elevator with an electric drive, which became the prototype of all modern lifts.

Mitol company performs installation and maintenance of elevators production «Otis Elevator Company» in Russia. Nowadays lifts «Otis Elevator Company» - a kind of "Mercedes" elevators. Sure, there are companies which lifts travel faster and rise above. However, elevators Otis Elevator is still the best in the world. «Otis» - is practically synonymous with quality, durability and absolute safety in the creation, installation and maintenance of elevators.