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Installation of elevators in Germany

Installation of lifts. German precision

Have you ever heard anyone say, "pedantic, as an Englishman?". And about Russian you something like heard? Or Italians. It is unlikely, because the accuracy of the rumor is considered prerogative of the Germans. "German quality" say when they want to praise any device, even if it is made in Japan. And appliances manufactured in Germany, is the apotheosis of true perfection engineering mind. Lifts and installation of elevators in Germany - is no exception.

Assembling and Berlin

Berlin-TV Tower1

High-rise city, in comparison with the American metropolis, Berlin, of course, will not name. However, by European standards, the capital of Germany rather rather big. The spire of the Berlin TV Tower - the tallest building in the country and the fourth tallest tower in Europe, rises above the earth at 368 meters.

Berlin TV Tower elevator accelerates to 6 meters per second. Read our latest article, which was a small mitol rating speed elevators planet, you might just grin when he heard that figure. But do not forget that the lifts in high-rise buildings in Moscow, on average, reach speeds of half a meter per second. So, six meters per second it is quite fast.
Lift passes vertical path 200 meters. Upstairs passengers awaiting an observation deck with views of Berlin, a lot of cafes and restaurants. By the way, the services of passenger elevators in the Berlin TV tower are annually about one million people.

Maintenance of elevators in Frankfurt

Commerzbank Tower

This building is in the shape of an equilateral triangle with an uneven roof and elegant, fully transparent walls, called "Commerzbank Tower". It is, as you might guess, in Frankfurt.
53 floor of the building is an observation deck, but a mere mortal at her entrance ordered. Whether at the whim of management, whether because of some strange we need to get on it can only be using the service elevator, which, in turn, will open its doors only if the potential passenger special pass.

However, guests of the building, and so have something to admire. The building is being lift maintenance in the amount of 16 units. Six of them - panoramic elevators that rise slowly along the glass wall, opening the passenger chic overview of the city. These lifts are very roomy and able to lift loads of up to two tons.
In general, visitors to the building is something to see. But the services running lift maintenance, it is not necessary to rejoice: the administration building requires that elevators were always in perfect condition, both external and technical. And that, given the huge daily traffic flow, provide a fairly easy.

Installation of elevators in the Munich subway

metro Munich1

European tolerance, along with German precision work wonders. One of these signs are certainly lifts for the disabled in the subway Munich.
Underground station in Munich, in contrast to the "colleagues" in Moscow or St. Petersburg subways, laid shallow. Some stations and all deployed at a depth of pedestrian crossings. However, most of them equipped with passenger lifts for the disabled, the elderly, women and children (the size of the elevator allows easy to roll in her pram) and just all those who are too lazy to go down to one or two flights down.

Each passenger lift Munich subway panoramic, with transparent walls. This was done, of course, not to the disabled, down by three meters to the subway, admire the surrounding beauty. Transparent walls - for the convenience of lift emergency services. This facilitates the maintenance of elevators and elevator if someone stuck it to be seen. However, this happens rarely - lift maintenance performed regularly with German precision.

Installation of lifts Main Tower

Main Tower

For the abundance of skyscrapers Frankfurt earned the nickname European Chicago. Design of skyscrapers diverse and bizarre. Choosing the skyscraper as a guide, you can be sure you will not forget what kind of noticed. One of the most notable skyscrapers Frankfurt is certainly the Main Tower.

In the 200-meter Main Tower is located just a few large organizations and channels, but most of the visitors it attracts a bar and restaurant at a height of 180 meters, as well as an observation deck on the roof of the building where people deliver passenger elevators.

board the elevator in Main Tower1

Passenger elevators skyscraper speed rise with a velocity of seven feet per second. Chip elevators is an electronic scoreboard that shows the level at which the building is now a lift.

On the Main Tower elevators can be getting down to the bottom, minus the fourth floor and get to the top floor, which for large skyscrapers rarity. Usually the top floor we reach a special elevators for staff and elevator emergency services.