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Director Bykov Alexander

Tel. 8(496) 255-48-49

E-mail: osp@mitol.ru

With the expansion of the geography of objects maintenance of elevators in 2008, it was decided to establish the enterprise OSP MiTOL.

This company was created by professionals of the elevator industry with the aim of providing services for the operation and maintenance of elevators and lifting equipment.
Today, the enterprise services facilities: in Fryazino, Shchelkovo, microdistricts of new buildings in Balashikha. In each of these areas we have an extensive line of mechanics performing maintenance work on the elevators, as required by the manufacturer; emergency and dispatching services that can quickly and efficiently carry out repairs and maintenance of elevators in good condition.

In addition, the company's management strives to ensure every part of the necessary supply of spare parts to prevent downtime of elevators. At the disposal of the enterprise there are specialists who carry out the repair and commissioning of modern microprocessor elevators as domestic and foreign production. Great importance is attached to communication with the locals and senior at the entrances, as well as citizens' initiatives to improve the quality of services provided.

We are always open for dialogue.

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