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Krasnov PaComprehensive maintenance of lifts and LDSS
Director Pavel Krasnov.
Tel. / Fax: +7 (926) 896 61 40
E-mail: docs@oltecs.ru
Number of employees 31 people.

LLC "OLTEKS" was created in 2012 Ramenskoye Moscow region and provides comprehensive maintenance of elevators and elevator dispatching systems of signaling and communication (LDSS).
In order to implement the agreements on the maintenance of "OLTEKS" is equipped with control towers in places Greatest concentration of elevators. This allows you to react quickly in a short time interval to stop any lift in the city, the arrival time of the emergency service does not exceed 15 minutes, as the organization has its own trucks. State organization staffed from among the residents of the city gangs rapid response emergency service around the clock, electrical maintenance of elevators, lifter, operators, service engineer, signalers.

Maintenance of lifting equipment is carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer's instructions. It uses only the highest quality oils and supplies, which allows to extend the life of the lift. The entire technical staff is periodically recertified (at least once a year). At work used technology allows for routine maintenance operations with the lowest possible lift stop - less than an hour.


All the information and the dynamics of the elevator arrives at the control room operator, equipped with modern computers and stored on electronic media for three months, and also duplicated on paper. This allows the analysis of the elevator equipment and to prevent possible breakage.


In order to promptly troubleshoot and malfunctions of electronics elevator equipment we created our own engineering and technical laboratory. It renovations boards control stations, organized by leaving the commissioning engineer to carry out repairs on the spot. Also, the city established a production base, where the aggregate organized a workshop producing repair of all types of gearboxes. Just the works on the traction sheave groove, rewind stators, repairing other components and assemblies.


All this can significantly reduce downtime lifts and cheaper maintenance, which ultimately has a positive impact on the residents.
Today the company serves lifts Ramenskoye, Zhukovsky, Kotelnikov, Stupino, d. Ostrovtsy, p. Krascovo Luberets district, Moscow region.