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Director: Dmitry Honer
Phone: +7(496)239-30-72
E-mail: ok-docs@mitol.ru

Active development of the company's services in markets mitol suburbs of lift equipment with inspired leadership of the organization to create a branch in the town of Pushkino, Moscow region. In March 2016goda was open enterprise "OK MiTOL".

To work at the dealership professionals were involved in the highest, spent more than a decade in the industry. Due to the attraction of experienced staff and the active expansion of geography of service of the company "OK mitol" spread to the entire city of Pushkino and Pushkin district.

Smoothly functioning control towers and well-equipped repair and service teams, allow the clock to provide our customers with quality service, to carry out regular maintenance work in accordance with technical regulations manufacturers, promptly carry out repair work.

Not a small value the leadership of "OK mitol" given to establishing contacts with the representatives of citizens at all levels of the various management companies to seniors on the entrances. This interaction can not only solve problems, but also to improve by analyzing public opinion quality services quickly.