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Krasnov IaDirector Igor Krasnov
Number of Employees: 62 people
tel. 8 (496) 519-98-37

The range of services provided by our company in the Moscow region, maintenance of elevator equipment occupies one of the main items. We cater to passenger, cargo and small freight elevators of any type of domestic and foreign manufacturers at the best prices. In our company you will get a full range of services for the maintenance of the technical condition and preservation of the equipment.
Our specialists perform maintenance of lifts, including work on scheduling, as well as offer solutions to any issues in the operation of lifting equipment:

Dispatching is the control over the work of lifting equipment of any type. Our company operates using the latest technology in this field. With this system greatly simplifies the scheduling in the operation of elevators. Dispatching of elevators around the clock online, performed dual control of applications and challenges of technical staff: call duty electrician duplicated in our control room.

Maintenance liftov - a complex of measures aimed at ensuring trouble-free operation: regular inspections of equipment, cleaning, lubrication and adjustment of its units, repair of worn parts in the event of failure, etc. Such a service elevator equipment must be carried out by qualified personnel and in full compliance with the regulations and technological card manufacturer.
We have extensive experience of emergency and maintenance of elevators, installed at the facilities of any type: shopping centers, office, administrative, public and industrial buildings. All work is carried out according to a predetermined schedule, including weekends and holidays.


• periodic inspections of quality control status of all elements of mechanical and electrical equipment;
• lubrication, cleaning, adjustment and adjustment of the equipment;
• Repair in case of trouble;
• prompt recovery of stranded passengers no later than 30 minutes after receiving the signal;
• emergency work at any time of the day;
• Annual training for technical inspection of elevators.
Ordering services for passenger and freight elevators in our company, you can be assured of stable operation of the equipment. Timely detection and troubleshooting to avoid serious accidents and help keep your money. In any case, the reliability and durability of any lift depends on its technical condition, so the service is an important part of its operation, to extend the life of the elevator. We pay special attention to the quality of our work, therefore, guarantee a high level of service.

E-mail: bogorodsk@mitol.ru 
Address: 142400, Moscow Region, Noginsk, st. Garage, d. 1, of.2,3