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MiTOL - Bogorodsk LLC

"MiTOL- Bogorodsk" LLC
Director Igor Krasnov
Number of employees - 97 people.

Tel. / Fax: +7 (496)519-15-39, +7 (496) 519-98-37

"MiTOL- Bogorodsk" LLC provides services and provides a full range of services in the field of operation of hoists in Noginsk and Noginsk district.

"MiTOL- Bogorodsk" LLC has a central elevator emergency service (LAS) and 7 on the local control room, which has a ASUD 248.
All crews are LAS mobile communication, enabling them to immediately contact each other and the central elevator emergency service.

"MiTOL-Bogorodsk" LLC was established in May 2006 at the site enterprise LLC "MiTOL", headed Igor Krasnov as director. He clearly organized work of the enterprise that is commendable. For labor achievements, professionalism at work, a great contribution to the development of housing and communal services of the Moscow region enterprise "MiTOL-Bogorodsk" LLC represented by the Director, Ivan Krasnov awarded a diploma of Moscow Region Governor Boris Gromov.
In the future, our company intends to not lose progress and improve the level of service elevators. Will be equipped with all of the elevator car video surveillance systems, upgrade laboratory repair and adjustment of electronic devices. Since its establishment, the company has been the basis of the principle of perfect fulfillment of its obligations.

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