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MiTOL-Balashiha LLC

«MiTOL-Balashikha» LLC

GavrilovDirector Sergey Gavrilov

Tel. / fax: +7 (495) 258-63-81, +7 (495) 226-28-54

Tel. single dispatch call-center:

+7 (495) 761-70-68 and 7 (925) 874-85-47

E-mail: info@mitol-balashiha.ru

LLC "MiTOL-Balashikha» is one of the leading companies of the group of companies "mitol».
The main activity of the company "MiTOL-Balashikha" is technical, alarm systems and maintenance of elevators, elevator dispatch communication systems, moving walkways, escalators and other lifting gear in Moscow and the Moscow region eastward. We also provide overhaul and refurbishment work, the replacement of all types of lifting gear, repair and supply of spare parts. We maintain lift and lifting equipment of different models, with all control systems, available in different domestic and import manufacturers.
Particular attention our company pays periodic maintenance of lifts that allows you to minimize downtime and extend the life of elevator equipment. Our employees have a high degree of training and undergo regular training to improve skill levels. We guarantee the quality of our work and the high level.

We are pleased to assist in the organization and operation of elevators issues of any complexity, as well as timely and professional manner to advise our customers.
Flexible financial policy of our company allows to consider almost any opportunities and wishes of our customers.
The presence of own production facilities, laboratories, electronics repair, close ties with suppliers of spare parts imported and domestically produced, to minimize downtime of lifts and the cost of repair and recovery. < br /> The information about the work and able to serve elevator and lifting equipment from all cities is sent to a single dispatch call-center located in Balashikha, where monitors, fixation and control of production processes.

Clients LLC "MiTOL-Balashikha» are:
- management companies, owners of large companies, such as:
group YIT, Group IIC Group of companies «GranelleGroup», Financial Building Corporation LEADER etc .;
- major management companies, HOA, HBC different cities;
- businesses, shopping and business centers, socially important facilities, kindergartens;
- military units, objects, structures MVD and FSB of the Russian Federation;
- and other organizations cities Balashikha, Mytishchi, Shchelkovo, Reutov, Railway and Fryazino.