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Demidov1Laboratory "MiTOL" LLC

Head of Laboratory: Maksim Demidov
Address: 12, New str., Noginsk, Moscow reg. 142400
Tel / fax. +7 (496) 515-67-27

For service and repair stations elevator control based on microprocessor technology (UL, UKL, Shulku, SHULM), hard logic (ULZH-10, FDA-10) in the enterprise a laboratory equipped with special equipment and stands.

Scope of works:

  • Start-up of newly commissioned plants elevator control
  • Testing of electronic boards.
  • Repair and adjustment of electronic exchanges UKL, UL, Shulku, SHULM, FDA-10-10 ULZH, NKU
  • Installation and maintenance of computer systems control communication: ASUD-248; "Ob", CDC-M.


The main functions of computer systems dispatch:

  • Control of the elevator;
  • Collect and record the execution of applications from residents;
  • Control of discrete parameters that characterize the work of the engineering equipment and communication networks;
  • Two-position control actuators;
  • Generation and transmission of data over a communications network to the top level or services concerned.

With the power systems ASUD "Ob" CDC-M controller has the ability, using a computer database to conduct daily operational analysis of the lifts in services. System communicate with the elevator safety devices and issuing troubleshoot problems on your computer.

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